Pregnancy is a very critical stage for a woman as, it is not very easy to carry a baby for nine months knowing the risks tag along while pregnancy. You might as well have come across such cases where even a nine-month pregnant woman due to some carelessness or any other reason go through a miscarriage. An abortion and miscarriage are the most painful things to go through for a family. A baby is linked to not just the parent but also to the parent s and siblings of the kid’s parents. Whole family is associated and if anything happens, whole family go through the pain thought the pain a mother goes through is unimaginable. To take care of the pregnancy, Folic acid is like a batman or superhero for the pregnant women. It is very important to take care of the lady very much and we do have a solution in the house. Taking care of the body even before pregnancy is very important as it increases the fertility of the body.

Taking folic acid not only helps with the fertility but also prevents the birth defects like the baby’s spinal cord which plays a major role a child’s development and body functioning and other most important part, baby’s brain. Folic acid is basically vitamin B which we call folate. This play a hue role when it comes to producing the red blood cells also with the development of the neural tube which is in the brain and also in the spinal cord enabling the functioning of the system. Fortified cereals are the best way to take the Folic acid. This is also found in the natural food sources like dark green vegetables and also the citrus fruits like lemon and oranges.

The birth defects usually occur during the initial period and starting 3-4 months are very crucial and must be taken care of majorly. Due to the risk, your body must have folate during this time as these are the early stages of the development of the baby’s brain and spinal cord. You might have notices as well, when consulted a doctor while trying to conceive, she might have as well suggested the intake of vitamin as well as folic acid. According to a study, a woman started taking folic acid for a year when she was trying to conceive and increased the chances of pregnancy straight to 50% more. You must intake the folic acid at least for a month till you start trying to conceive, every day.