Giving birth to a child is the most heavenly feeling on the earth for a woman. With giving birth suddenly a lady becomes a mother, a true form of Goddess. As blissful as it feels to give birth is, as difficult it is to take care of the baby is for nine months.

Caring for someone living inside, growing inside is next level of responsibility a mother has to take care of. There is no scope of single mistake for her and she goes moon and back to be as responsible as she could. Sometimes, there are many things around to bother that things mis out and later causes an issue you never want to deal with. You must already be assured and acknowledged with all the related stuff that is going to take place. Being a woman to carry a child you must take a full responsibility of the proper intake of all the nutritious, medications and more. If you have some problem like diabetes or thyroid you need to take even more care as the case becomes delicate with such problem. There are many cases where the woman goes through easy miscarriage due to thyroid and hence must take a very good care of everything.

Below are mentioned few tips to reduce the risk of birth defects:

Take as much Folic acid as you can:

You must take a proper intake of folic acid as it helps with the early development of baby’s brain and body. It is suggested to take the folic acid substances for at least a month every day before you start trying to conceive. The proper suggestion is at least 400mcg folic acid every day. If you wish to increase the chances of pregnancy rapidly, you can take it for almost a year before you start preparing for the pregnancy. You must also consult the health care expert and the gynocologist very regularly and get the regular checkups done. Even before you start trying to conceive to take better precautions and early suggestions regarding every situation you might go through.

Avoid Harmful substances: When you start trying to expect, it is suggested that you avoid substances that generate massive heat in the body like Papaya as these might inject the chances of miscarriage or abortion. Alcohol is a huge no for a pregnant woman as it goes down the bloodstream and pass to the developing child in the belly through umbilical cord. You must also avoid alcohol while trying to get pregnant. You must not smoke while pregnancy and must also avoid the places where you could even inhale the passive smoke. It is very harmful for your baby.

Choose a healthy lifestyle Talk to the health care provider on regular basis. Talk about the vaccinations and take note of when are they due on prior notice, so that even if the doctor forgets, you are the first one to remind him.